The Edgeless PERL Microfiber Towel 315GSM is an excellent detailing and cleaning microfiber cloth. Made of 100% Microfiber, this soft, short pile towel is perfect for removing polish, glaze, sealant or ceramic coatings. It is totally paint safe, lint-free and label-free.

R 39.00

MJJC Snow Foam Cannon Pro (V2) with various connectors for the Ultimate Snow Foam Experience!

R 760.00

5-IN-1 VEHICLE INTERIOR PROTECTION KIT - This car protection kit is a cost‐effective way to keep your vehicle's interior clean.

R 24.95

Twisted Loop Technology that maximizes absorbency ensuring a perfectly dry & streak-free finish EVERY TIME!

R 149.00

Foam Wax Applicators are the most inexpensive product you can buy, but inarguably the best for applying paint sealants & waxes. Put it this way, if you are spending valuable time & money on the car your pride & joy, the last thing you want is to mess it up by improper application or with...

R 16.95

Turtle Wax Professional Hyperfoam Shampoo is a High Cleaning PH Neutral Shampoo which creates snow-like foam resulting in a gloss finish.

R 150.00

Improved foam technology eliminates minor surface defects while restoring a luxurious high gloss finish with no swirls. Low profile for optimized performance. Advanced finishing results from increased disc and tool efficiency. Foam discs are machine washable and reusable.

R 109.00


R 319.00

Now is the time to get that side hustle going! Take advantage of our awesome Detailer Paint Correction Kit - FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY & LIMITED KITS AVAILABLE!AT CHECKOUT USE CODE: CORRECTPAINT* This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount codes.

R 3,000.00

Get ready for that coveted “wow factor” with our new Hybrid Solutions professional polishing compound.

R 539.00

This flexible spray wax packs a powerful punch, delivering a strong, graphene wax coating with months of long-lasting protection at the pull of a trigger.

R 539.00

Introducing Hybrid Solutions PRO To The Max Wax: One of the most durable and best liquid car wax for professional detailers and auto enthusiasts.

R 539.00

The Maxshine Microfiber Cutting Pad is designed to remove heavy swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation from most paintwork.

R 139.00

Microfiber cutting pad is a new development in the correction stage. The Microfiber Cutting Pad is designed to remove heavy swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation from most paintwork.

R 159.00

Microfiber cutting pad is a new development in the correction stage. The Microfiber Cutting Pad is designed to remove heavy swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation from most paintwork.

R 179.00

Maxshine Premium Wool Cutting Pads, professionally removes heavy swirl marks, scratches and chemical oxidation.

R 139.95

Mini Polishing Pad Kit is used for all kinds of auto car detailing & polishing. Prime quality wool pad & sponge pads are bendable, washable and reusable. Different coloured sponges have different softness, meeting all your requirements & suitable for polishing rough and small areas.

R 439.00

Ultra Soft Microfiber Wash Mitt/glove is soft and comfortable with good, strong water absorption.Will not leave any scratches in the surface of your car. Use less water and soap. Easy to wash and dry. It is very economical.

R 169.00

 High-Pressure Washer Gun suitable for Bosch, Black & Decker & Makita Pressure Washers with  5in1 variable adjustable Nozzle

R 789.00

Microfiber Polishing Pads have enabled dual action polishers to aggressively correct paint in the shortest possible amount of time.

R 98.00

This long sponge was designed with big vehicles in mind. On minivans, SUVs, trucks, any large vehicle - the 73cm long sponge, featuring a 45cm long head, makes it easy to wash the broad roof & glass of large vehicles, with none of the hassles of moving a hop-up or climbing up and down.

R 369.00

Exceptional foam pad offers shine results under any heavy detailing mission.

R 149.95

Meguiar’s 3-in-1 Wax cleans, polishes and protects, delivering amazing results in one simple step.

R 675.00 R 573.75

We have put together the awesome SOFT99 Wheel Wash Mitt & SOFT99 Iron Terminator for the ultimate wheel washing experience!

R 368.00 R 331.20

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