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A quick & easy rub-on buff-off wax for a brilliant shine. Just apply & wipe off for a brilliant shine. Safe for all paintwork finishes, including metallics & clearcoats. Leaves no powder residue!

R 427.80

Turtle Wax Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner's concentrated formula removes all type of dirt & stains quickly & easily. It is ideal for all types of fabric, upholstery & carpets.

R 479.55

Bring back to life all leather surfaces, cleaning & conditioning them to their old shine. Turtle Wax Pro Leather Cleaner & Conditioner gently cleans, restores & protects your vehicle's leather.

R 522.10

Turtle Wax Professional Hyperfoam Shampoo is a High Cleaning PH Neutral Shampoo which creates snow-like foam resulting in a gloss finish.

R 360.00
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Nasiol GlasShield rain repellent spray for cars for safe driving in rainy conditions with 2 years of effective nano-coating.

R 279.00

Nasiol MetalCoat protects your vehicle’s body from environmental damages.

R 498.00

LeatherBoost provides ultimate car leather protection.

R 998.00 R 848.30

Nasiol Detailershine Pro - Trim & Tire Shine, recovers trims and tires to their original colour. This product nourishes, protects and reduces contamination.

R 320.00
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Nasiol T - WB Water Based Nano Protection for fabric has superhydrophobic and oleophobic properties and provides chemical protection, UV protection, protection from slow contamination and makes surfaces easy to clean once applied.

R 1,675.00 R 1,423.75

Glossworx Iron R+ Wheel Cleaner decontaminates auto paint and wheels.

R 615.00

GlossWorx All-in-One cleaner is a low-phosphate, low-alkaline concentrated cleaner degreases & cleans a variety of interior & exterior surfaces.

R 495.00

GlossWorx Tyre & Trim Gel acts as an effective trim restorer &  the ultimate tyre gel, without sling or stickiness.

R 650.00
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items