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Use this professional Tork Craft 150mm (6") White Cutting Sponge Pad with a course compound for rapid cutting & paint correction.

R 105.00

This Tork Craft 6" Heavy Cutting Yellow Foam Pad is used for rapid first stage paint correction.

R 105.00

This 6" medium compounding foam pad works great for fine paint correction in combination with a light cutting compound or simply a cleaner wax.

R 105.00

The finest double combed, pure New Zealand Merino Lambs wool GRIP pads for fine/medium cut.

R 135.00
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Shield Professional Velcro Backing Plate SP14

R 120.00

Shield Professional Foam Compounding Pad 6" SP12

R 149.00

Shield Professional Foam Finishing Pad 6" (Dual Pack) (SP10)

R 149.00

Dual Action Polisher Backing Plate accepts adhesive-back sandpaper discs & leaves a smooth finish on flat surfaces. It also affixes effortlessly to the sander. Dual Action Polisher Backing Plate comes in different sizes (5" & 6"), which are available to match the sanding discs. Holes in the...

R 188.00

Mini Polishing Pad Kit is used for all kinds of auto car detailing & polishing. Prime quality wool pad & sponge pads are bendable, washable and reusable. Different coloured sponges have different softness, meeting all your requirements & suitable for polishing rough and small areas.

R 439.00

Microfiber Polishing Pads have enabled dual action polishers to aggressively correct paint in the shortest possible amount of time.

R 98.00

Improved foam technology eliminates minor surface defects while restoring a luxurious high gloss finish with no swirls. Low profile for optimized performance. Advanced finishing results from increased disc and tool efficiency. Foam discs are machine washable and reusable.

R 109.00
Showing 1 - 12 of 20 items