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Soft99 Iron Terminator is a colour-changing, pH-balanced iron fallout remover for wheels and paintwork. Alloy, polished, bolted rims, steel or plastic hubcaps - SAFE FOR ALL WHEEL FINISHES!

R 189.00

SOFT99 Shampoo for Ceramic Coated Cars - EXTRA GOLD is a maintenance shampoo for ceramic-coated vehicles!  PLUS A FREE ULTRA SOFT SOFT99 WASH SPONGE!

R 195.00

Soft99 Leather Barrier cleans & coats in one step to give the leather a hydrophobic coating that protects it from dirt & helps it keep its natural gloss. 

R 349.00

Soft99 Fabric Barrier uses Fusso fluoropolymer-based cloth protection formula that makes interior fabrics both water & oil resistant. 

R 249.00

Soft99 Fabric Seat Cleaner combines deep anti-bacterial cleaning ability with deodorizing agents.  FREE UPHOLSTERY CLEANING BRUSH INCLUDED!

R 239.00

Soft99 WASH MIST Interior Detailer is a unique multi-purpose interior detailer & cleaner that can be used on a variety of surfaces.

R 189.00

Remove fog-causing dirt & leave a durable anti-fog coating to prevent future fogging. Easy to use formula - a cleaning & anti-fog coating all in one simple step. Compatible with UV & IR blocking coatings!

R 189.00

FUSSO COAT F7 creates a strong fluorine layer on your vehicle paint that has superb hydrophobic properties, blinding gloss & exceptional protection for months!

R 319.00

With Soft99 Wheel Wash Mitt you can wash wheels as if you were washing with your own hands!

R 179.00

G'ZOX quickly & effectively removes the most stubborn stickers & glue residue. 

R 164.95

Soft99 FUSSO COAT Speed Barrier boasts an easy spray & wipe formulation to freshen up your vehicle’s bodywork, removing light dust & dirt while applying a highly durable Fusso coating, cleaning & coating in one step! 

R 239.00

Dead bugs, bird droppings & tree sap all cause damage to your vehicle’s paintwork & they can strike at any time! Keep SOFT99 Fukupika Bug & Droppings Removal wipes on hand for quick & safe removal!

R 94.95

This long sponge was designed with big vehicles in mind. On minivans, SUVs, trucks, any large vehicle - the 73cm long sponge, featuring a 45cm long head, makes it easy to wash the broad roof & glass of large vehicles, with none of the hassles of moving a hop-up or climbing up and down.

R 369.00

Soft99 Refresh Cleaner is a cleaning system formulated especially for professionally coated vehicles.

R 259.00

There is nothing else on the market like this! Soft99 Ultimate Tyre WAX's hard formulation incorporates mineral wax and ultrafine carbon black pigment to bring back a natural blackness and shine to your tires and plastic trim.

R 289.00

Soft99 Sponges for hand polishing. Ultra-high density polyurethane makes an effective grip, and a softer black layer holds the compound and allows finishing to a high gloss. Contains 2 sponges.

R 98.00
Showing 1 - 16 of 17 items