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Soft 99 Iron Terminator is a colour-changing, pH-balanced iron fallout remover for wheels and paintwork. Alloy, polished or bolted rims? Or maybe steel or plastic hubcaps? With Iron Terminator you can safely and quickly clean all types of wheels. Simply spray on, wait a 2-3 minutes, and...

R 189.00

SOFT99 Shampoo for Ceramic Coated Cars - EXTRA GOLD is a maintenance shampoo for ceramic-coated vehicles! 

R 195.00

Soft99 Leather Barrier cleans & coats in one step to give the leather a hydrophobic coating that protects it from dirt & helps it keep its natural gloss. 

R 349.00

Soft99 Cloth Barrier uses Fusso fluoropolymer-based cloth protection formula that makes interior fabrics both water & oil resistant. 

R 249.00

Soft99 Fabric Seat Cleaner combines deep anti-bacterial cleaning ability with deodorizing agents. 

R 239.00

Soft99 WASH MIST Interior Detailer is a unique multi-purpose interior detailer & cleaner that can be used on a variety of surfaces.

R 189.00

Soft99 Piano Black Restoration Kit has been specifically designed to restore painted & unpainted piano black & other high-gloss plastics by hand.

R 340.00

Soft99 LIGHT ONE Headlight Restoration Kit restores clarity & shine to faded & yellow headlights. Over time, road contaminants & UV-rays cause headlights to become foggy or even yellow. 

R 298.00

Remove fog-causing dirt & leave a durable anti-fog coating to prevent future fogging. Easy to use formula - a cleaning & anti-fog coating all in one simple step. Compatible with UV & IR blocking coatings!

R 189.00

FUSSO COAT F7 creates a strong fluorine layer on your vehicle paint that has superb hydrophobic properties, blinding gloss & exceptional protection for months!

R 319.00

With Soft99 Wheel Wash Mitt you can wash wheels as if you were washing with your own hands!

R 179.00

G'ZOX quickly & effectively removes the most stubborn stickers & glue residue. 

R 164.95

Soft99 Rubber & Plastic Restoration Serum brings back to life faded plastic & rubber trim! This treatment restores the deep darkness, natural & rich texture of black trim.

R 269.00

Soft99 FUSSO COAT Speed Barrier boasts an easy spray & wipe formulation to freshen up your vehicle’s bodywork, removing light dust & dirt while applying a highly durable Fusso coating, cleaning & coating in one step! 

R 239.00

Dead bugs, bird droppings & tree sap all cause damage to your vehicle’s paintwork & they can strike at any time! Keep SOFT99 Fukupika Bug & Droppings Removal wipes on hand for quick & safe removal!

R 94.95

This long sponge was designed with big vehicles in mind. On minivans, SUVs, trucks, any large vehicle - the 73cm long sponge, featuring a 45cm long head, makes it easy to wash the broad roof & glass of large vehicles, with none of the hassles of moving a hop-up or climbing up and down.

R 369.00
Showing 1 - 16 of 24 items