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High Quality and Long Service Life Solid Brass 1/4 Inch Quick Release To BSP1/4 Female Pressure Washer Hose Adapter Coupling

R 115.00

Solid Brass High Quality Foam Cannon Adaptor for Bosch, Black & Decker, Makita Pressure Washers

R 124.95
Out of stock

High quality & highly durable Foam Cannon Connector for Karcher K Series pressure washers, fitting all Karcher models K1 - K7.

R 109.00
Out of stock

Quick Release Male Connection for Foam Cannon - 1/4" quick release connection on one side, the other side is 1/4" BSP thread.

R 109.00

With just a little water, The Magic Eraser can dig in and destroy stains that other products can't touch.

R 44.95

1" to 3" Backing Plates is supplied with standard M6 Thread. Perfect for sanding and buffing those smaller hard to reach areas.Compatible With Tork Craft POL04 DA Polisher

R 98.00
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20l Wash & Rinse Buckets + 2 Grit Guards Combo Special - Only R410 (WAS R470)!

R 469.00

2" inch Mini Polishing Foam Pads for car care.

R 14.95

Twisted Loop Technology that maximizes absorbency ensuring a perfectly dry & streak-free finish EVERY TIME!

R 149.00

Short Replacement Lance Nozzle with 5 piece quick-release nozzle tips for Karcher K1-K7 pressure washers!

R 395.00

Solid Brass High Quality Foam Cannon Adaptor/Connector for Bosch Pressure Washers

R 124.95
Out of stock

20l Wash & Rinse Bucket with Lids We have sourced the most durable & cost-effective buckets on the market ensuring that you have no downtown detailing your ride.

R 159.00
Out of stock

Do you have your own wash & rinse buckets, but you always seem to mix them up? We have a sticker set for you!

R 69.00

Polish Bottle Holder & Organizer - a premium design made from durable chemical-resistant materials. Now you can keep your workspace neat & tidy!

R 689.00

Metal Wall Mount - Improve your storage solutions and keep your detailing equipment organized with this durable metal wall mount.

R 29.95

Use the 5 Inch Drill attachment to effortlessly scrub away dirt, dust, and filth. Saving you time & effort in keeping your upholstery & mats clean.

R 129.00

Solid Brass High Quality Foam Cannon Adaptor for Lavor Pressure Washers

R 124.95

Solid Brass High-Quality Foam Cannon Connector for Kranzle Machines

R 124.95

Solid Brass High-Quality Foam Cannon Adaptor for Stihl (Standard) Pressure Washers

R 124.95

The Chemical Resistant bottle & Trigger Sprayer was built with harsh chemicals in mind. 

R 39.00

Replacement 12V Battery for the Mini DA/Rotary Polisher

R 419.95

LED Swirl Finder Light with powerful 200 lumens LED bulb

R 649.00

Durable High-quality acid and alkali resistant brush with firm bristle for tough engine bay degreasing & detailing.   

R 129.00

The Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer conditions, cleans & dries any type of buffer or polisher pad!

R 989.00

ULTRA-Soft Microfiber Wax/Sealant Applicator for safe, quick & easy application of your favourite wax or sealant.

R 59.00

This Foam Cannon Orifice is a Nozzle Screw Jet for foam cannons (foam lances). Before buying this item, make sure your foam lance is purchased from or branded as MJJC, as it might not work correctly on other branded foam lances.

R 89.95
Showing 33 - 64 of 71 items