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Nasiol T - WB Water Based Nano Protection for fabric has superhydrophobic and oleophobic properties and provides chemical protection, UV protection, protection from slow contamination and makes surfaces easy to clean once applied.

More details

  • Nasiol T-WB is a non-toxic, water-based nano-coating product developed for textile surfaces.
  • Applied by spraying, Nasiol T-WB ensures easy cleaning of the surface by providing superhydrophobic and oleophobic properties.
  • It extends the life of the surface with protection against heavy detergents and UV rays.
  • There is no negative effect on the breathability of fabrics.
  • It shows an outstanding performance of up to 10 washes.

Usage Areas:

All textile surfaces; aero, land, sea vehicles, ropes, furniture upholstery, personal clothes, home and building textiles.

Volume: 1 liter

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