MJJC Snow Foam Cannon Pro Edition (V2) (Various Adaptors)


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MJJC Snow Foam Cannon Pro (V2) with various connectors for the Ultimate Snow Foam Experience!

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MJJC Foam Cannon Pro (V2) is a new generation Snow Foam Cannon, powered by MJJC's new generation foam technology. It is stronger and creates more snow foam that's thicker using less shampoo, even with smaller pressure washers!

It has a better connection system, so you will attach it to your pressure washer more easily, and you will be able to change out the spare parts much easier and quicker than before.

MJJC Foam Cannon Pro (V2) with various connectors features:

  • The upgraded Snow Foam Cannon Pro is better & stronger.
  • Saves you shampoo as this creates 30% more foam.
  • Thick premium foam suds.
  • Makes washing your vehicle easier and faster.
  • Includes an additional 1.1mm orifice 
  • Includes a set of spare filters

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Excellent product, quality construction, spare consumables included. Very good foam consistency.

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