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Fabric Barrier

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Soft99 Fabric Barrier uses Fusso fluoropolymer-based cloth protection formula that makes interior fabrics both water & oil resistant. 

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Soft99 Fabric Barrier uses patented fluoropolymer protection for superior hydrophobic properties. The high flexibility means the layer stays effective for 3 months of normal use.

How to use the product:

Note: Use on clean, dry fabric. If temperature is under 10℃, warm up interior with the heater first.

  1. Shake well and turn nozzle to ‘ON’.
  2. Spray Soft99 Fabric Barrier over the entire surface (12-15 shots for one seat) from around 20cm away. Use the included sponge to spread around evenly.
  3. Leave to dry (summer: 2 hours, winter: 4 hours). In cold conditions, or if the sprayed amount was large, drying may be slow. Use a hairdryer to gently aid drying.
  4. 10 - 12 Seats can be treated with 1 bottle.

Note: Use repeatedly to enhance the dirt-repellent effect. Recommended use: about once every 3 months.

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