SOFT99 Wheel Wash Mitt


Wheel Wash Mitt

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With Soft99 Wheel Wash Mitt you can wash wheels as if you were washing with your own hands!

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The Soft99 Wheel Wash Mitt highly flexible microfiber wash mitt is light & soft & allows easy & free movement of your hands to enable thorough but quick & gentle washing of wheels.

The inside is lined with mesh, to prevent sticking, & the mitt is cushioned to protect your hands & allow quicker washing. 

Furthermore the thick cushioning protects your hands even if they make contact with the outshoots around the brake area, and also helps you wash with increased speed.


  1. Please wet the Soft99 Wheel Wash Mitt first to soften it for a better user experience.
  2. Make sure to wash off all dirt after finish. Wash as a microfibre and wash it with water no hotter than 40 degrees and make use of a microfiber specific wash detergent.

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