Soft99 Nano Clear Coating


Soft99 Nano Clear Coating

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Soft99 Nano Clear Coating restores and protects transparent plastic parts that have faded or yellowed.

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Soft99 Nano Clear Coating can be used on any transparent or translucent unpainted plastic parts, such as light lenses, window deflectors, and translucent trim. A beautiful thin film of Crystal Blue glass coating brings back the clarity of plastic parts and counteracts yellowing due to age. Unlike one-off quick detailing agents, such as those containing silicone oil, Nano Hard Clear creates a layer of glass on the surface of the plastic, which can improve looks and add protection for over 6 months.


How to use the product

1. Remove all dirt and oil from the area to be treated. If water is used, be sure to dry completely.

2. Wearing the included gloves, shake the bottle well and add some liquid to the white surface of the included sponge. Spread thinly and evenly across the surface of the plastic.

3. After about one minute of drying, spread around again with the unused white side of the sponge, to smooth out any unevenness.

Note: Do not touch or wet for 24 hours after application. Full hardening occurs within 4 days. The coating must be applied with the included sponge. Do not reuse sponges.

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