New 3D High Definition Cutting Pad

3D High Definition Cutting Pad

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3D Cutting Pad

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3D High Definition Foam Pads feature a tapered design for an enhanced surface contact area. The open cell design allows the air to flow through the foam, reducing heat and increasing pad durability. Available in a cutting, polishing, and finishing pad, 3D inch High Definition Foam Pads keep it simple by providing a pad for every step!

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3D High Definition Foam Pads, manufactured with an open-cell, long-lasting foam are high performance and designed to complement the line of 3D’s compounds and polishes perfectly.

Using a tear resistant foam, 3D inch High Definition Foam Pads last longer than many pads currently available on the market today – which means more time correcting, and less time switching pads! When using 3D HD Speed or 3D HD Cut, you want the highest performance possible, and the 3D High Definition Foam Pads give you just that!

The cutting pad and will quickly remove oxidation, swirls, scratches, and more, while still finishing nicely. Perfect for use with a compound like 3D HD Cut, the Dark Green Cutting Pad is the first pad you’ll use in a paint correction detail.

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